Eva Soltes (Director/Producer) has produced, directed and written over a thousand music, dance, and theater productions for national and international audiences. Her film production and directing credits include WEST COAST STORY, a three-part program featuring the history of California composers that aired on BBC; CIRCLES AND CYCLES, KATHAK DANCE, an award-winning documentary that aired internationally and on PBS stations; SAXOPHONE DIPLOMACY - Co-Producer 1983 (30 min.) Featuring The Rova Saxophone Quartet, on tour in the former Soviet Union. Broadcast KQED; CONLON NANCARROW - Producer/Director (12 min.) A multi-image short portraying reclusive composer Conlon Nancarrow in his Mexico City studio, completed as an Artist-in-Residence at The Centre Pompidou; and BUILDING A DREAM, a piece that follows a Frank Lloyd Wright apprentice through the process of building an ecologically sound home. In addition to her extensive film work, Soltes is also a producer of live performances and studio recordings. Her most recent credits are Tribute, T. Viswanathan's Karnatic music of South India and Jeanne Stark Iochman's piano performance of Debussy's Etudes.